Bon Appetito!

Hello World!

I’ve always had the idea of starting a blog, but I definitely took my sweet, sweet time sitting down to create one (it’s been all talk, no action for at least a year).  Last week I decided it was time.  I opened a bottle of wine, poured myself a glass and got down to business.

Problem was, I knew how to read blogs, but had no idea how to actually start one.  While I consider my computer skills to be advanced, the technical webpage building part is quite foreign to me.  After a few hours of reading instructions and downloading, I managed to get myself my first very own page and banner!

It`s taken me a week to write my first post…

I love food. It makes me happy. It makes other people happy. So why not keep all that goodness going by sharing the food that I make (or encounter) with others. 

Tonight it was lasagna.

I find lasagna to be pretty easy. Meat sauce, cheese, pasta (I used whole wheat), some onion, garlic, Italian seasoning and red chilli flakes.  I love all kinds of lasagna, but sometimes just the classic meat and cheese hits the spot.  In an hour’s time I made an Italian dinner for two and it was delicious!

Meat and Cheese Lasagna


4 Responses to “Bon Appetito!”

  1. carly Says:

    iva! congrats on your first blog post! You need to share your recipes so to share the delicious meals! and for people like dan and I that don’t know how to make barely anything 🙂


  2. natalie Says:

    yesss ive!! i love blogs and your homecooking, so this is a match made in heaven!

    can’t wait to see what deliciousness you come up with…

  3. Care Says:

    HOLY IVO!!! that’s awesome. def making your chili and your stirfry sometime soon! looks delicious…keep inspiring! xo

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