Coast to Coast

Time to confess.  It`s been quite some time since my last post…

This past week I have been busy on the road doing a little travelling with work. I spent a few days in Vancouver and a couple days in Halifax. Having the chance to see two Oceans in one week was pretty surreal. Having the chance to taste a bit of the local fare was amazingly satisfying.

Vancouver is a beautiful city that I hope to visit again soon. The only place that I really wanted to get to was Vij’s. I’ve seen Food Network specials about Vikram and Meeru and heard only the best reviews about their cuisine from top sources like Food and Wine magazine and the New York Times. Being one of the top Indian restaurants in the world, I knew we couldn’t go wrong. My colleague and I shared Mutton Kebabs with Bengali Style Curry, Garam Masala Portobello Mushrooms in Porcini Cream Curry and Roasted Eggplant with Chick Peas in Curry. Each dish was like a spice explosion for your taste buds and so delicious. The naan that it came with just melted in your mouth.

Unfortunately, being the amateur blogger that I am…I forgot to snap a few shots of the food (sorry!). Do be sure to check out Vij`s website for inspiration and recipes and make the stop at this restaurant to experience one of the best culinary wonders of the world!

In Halifax, my only goal was to eat some fresh seafood. I LOVE seafood, but don`t get the opportunity to make it often at home. I was fortunate enough to have some extra time to meet up with my cousin who treated me to a great East Coast dinner. I even had the opportunity to taste my very first oyster (at least I think it was my first, I can`t recall another time that I had tried one). It was delicious! We also shared some “Jump up Calamari“ that had a nice spicy flavour, followed by lobster heaven. 

This time around I made a mental note to snap some shots of the seafood feast (and even got the camera out on the table), but was so excited to try everything that I only caught some of the aftermath. Thanks for the great dinner and company Pels and Scotty! Hopefully see you guys again soon!

My first lesson about sharing food that I eat “out“ is to TAKE MORE PICTURES! The lobster shot is pretty bad, but sure tasted good!


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